We are not having the Happy Birthday Festival this year. We are taking 1 year off to restructure the program so that it is more efficient, streamlined, and evangelical.

However, this Christmas, we are working with some special families of some of the homeless who live at Wingard Home and some families in the community where we are already involved.... helping them with other things.

So, we do have some children who need sponsors. They are not "lambs" but they are children in need. We will not have a big festival this year at the Trade Mart, but we will get these gifts to the families on Christmas Eve so the kids Christmas break will not be a time of lack and need.

I have 15 to 20 lists of wishes from the children in those families.

We also have some lists of the homeless adults and battered women here at Wingard.

Exciting opportunities to be a blessing to someone less fortunate this season. 

PDF Below

Everyday, Wingard Home has things that are being done. We have constant needs from food for the pantry or personal care items for guest. Almost anything can be used here.

We accept donations of any variety. Anything that can be used to help someone set up house once they get back on their feet, is always needed. We accept clothing donations as well.

We always have projects going on around the ministry and will gladly accept volunteers. So much is going on here, and you can help in so many ways. Even if it's coming by to help cook dinner, we greatly appreciate it!

If you need community service hours for school or anything else, we are able to supply that for you! All that you need to do is call and set up a time. 

Information about projects we have going on now can be found here:


Every Day Projects

Wingard Home Ministry