"We welcome you to our home!" these are the first words our guests at Wingard hear as the enter the front door. We know that God orders the steps of all who enter here, consequently, we don't need to deal with the human mistakes of a plan of acceptance. God is definitely in charge....if we have an empty bed and the person we are interviewing is willing to go by the rules (please see a copy of the Adult Rules) and to make a concentrated effort to get on their feet, then we take them in and give them a chance to work the program. 
Success is gauged first in the spiritual realm, then in the physical realm. People entering our program are from all walks of life and from all areas of the country. They are many different races and we don't make a difference in where they come from, what they have done, or why they are homeless. Our desire is simply to love them like Jesus Christ loves them and give them every opportunity to change for the better.  

​"​Thanks mom.If it wasn't for God  putting you and Pop in my life, I don't know where I would be. Everything that I am today is a direct affect of what you and pop taught me to be. For that I thank and love you."

Fred  Williams

Nellah  Bailey

Admission Process

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It's been fifteen years since Charlotte picked me up at the bus station. Three months later, I became a born-again believer and haven't looked back! I was a basket case, to say the least, through Roy and Charlotte, God led me to Him. You know, y'all have my prayers! I love you both!!"

Former Guests

Our job and our passion is to love them back to well being:

- by meeting the basic physical needs, 
- by helping them obtain the services they need 
- by assisting them with employability assets, writing resumes, job interview skills, landing and keeping a job   
- by assisting them with obtaining medical and legal help when needed  
- through assistance with how to make a plan for successful living 
- through counseling toward independence through legal compliance  
- by teaching Biblical budgeting, 
- by tutoring them in basic life skills such as how to bank, how to purchase and take care of a vehicle, how to cook and plan meals for good health, how to plan toward financial security; how to advance through educational opportunities; and how to find suitable housing.

The program at Wingard Home Ministry is holistic in approach and powerful in technique through common sense plans individually designed to attain personal accomplishment in goal setting and achievement. 
Everyone who enters our program must be able and willing to work a job. they must be willing to go by the rules. This program is designed for successful re-entry into society as law-abiding, voting, tax-paying, God-fearing, Church-going citizens who are armed with all the tools for continued success.

​The Ministry Adult Rule Sheet: